Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Color Trend: Caramel

Right now, one of my favorite looks happens to be a hot trend. I'll be honest, I get a bit snobby when styles I love become "trendy," (really, though, who actually likes that?!) but there was no escaping this one because it's the range of hair color shades that I play with the most.

"Caramel" hair colors range from the lighter end of Medium Brown to the darker end of Medium Blonde, with all shades having gorgeous bronze and amber bases and undertones. I personally think the best caramel shades have a base that's not too red or too gold, but the perfect blend of both. It should make people think that your hair's not quite strawberry blonde, but it's not quite golden brown either.

Here are some of the prettiest versions of caramel hair color that I've found, along with lots of examples of products (both from drugstores and beauty supply stores) that fit into the category of "caramel."

Whitney Port in a Dark Caramel Blonde.

L'Oreal Feria hair dyes. L-R: Golden Sunset, Caramel Kiss (which looks like a dead ringer for Whitney Port's shade), Iced Mocha, and Sparkling Amber.

Respective swatches for above Feria dyes.

Demi Lovato in gorgeous caramel highlights over a golden brown base.

L'Oreal Touch-On Highlights in Creamy Caramel and Toasted Almond.

A look using caramel as the base with lighter blonde highlights.

Garnier Nutrisse has some great matches for the above base colors on Miranda Kerr and Jessica Biel. From L-R: Honeydip, Sweet Latte, Almond Creme, and Brown sugar.

Kim Kardashian in a pretty caramel look that I believe is a wig.

L'Oreal Preference Sun-Kissed Caramels in Hi-Lift Natural Brown and Hi-Lift Gold Brown.

Audrina Patridge with a caramel shade and subtle highlights.

Skye Sweetnam in a caramel shade.

Keep in mind that results will vary with each of these products based on the condition and current color (natural or not) of your hair, but I did try to match the celeb pics with products that look like they might give a similar result. I've used a couple of these products myself in the past, and might experiment with some more of them. I usually don't have much luck with box dyes, but some of these shades are just so nice that I might be tempted to try them again.

What do you think of this color range and of it's popularity right now? I've been a lover of Barbie-blonde my whole life, but I think this might be my new favorite.

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